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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a procedure which is carried out by dental experts for removal of stains from the teeth or to restore the original white color. Normally people who suffer from the discoloration of the teeth seek medical help when the condition is worse. You always have the natural remedies to teeth whitening but going the clinical way is a sure shot method to get rid of this dental issues.

The gradual reasons for losing your natural teeth color include many things in which unhealthy eating habits tops the list. Also, the other vital reasons for teeth yellowing are

  • Consuming too much of tobacco. The high nicotine presence on them affects the teeth enamel to such an extent that it causes yellowing or leaves the teeth with hard stains.
  • Drinking dark liquids like cola, red wine, coffee, tea, etc. which not only makes your teeth prone to damages but also leads to yellowing and staining of them. You should avoid consuming them in high amounts.
  • Apart from these, unhygienic approach to the dental system is also responsible for losing the natural teeth color and making it prone to damages.

So, it is highly recommended by the dentists that you take care of your teeth health as much as you take care of the other parts of your body. As it is the reason for your oral health and a happy smile.


Generally, the teeth whitening procedure is carried out clinically by the dentists through the application of a gel and application of laser lights. Sometimes, cases where the teeth have an absence of live nerves, the process is carried out through the application of teeth whitening agents that are placed inside the teeth for some days it bring back the original color of the teeth.Usually Teeth Whitening procedure can be completed in one hour.

Well, it is a fact that no matter how many of treatments you go through to restore the original teeth color, if you fail to maintain a healthy oral health then it is nowhere to stay longer. The stains are very hard to remove and not a single day process but if you keep practicing unhealthy oral habits then it is likely to come back later, if not sooner. And so, the dentists always recommend leading a healthy oral life to prevent the stains from returning back.

At Dr.Balu Soman’s dental world the teeth whitening procedure is well taken care of and he ensures that it put an everlasting effect on your teeth when you follow a healthy habit to take care of your teeth. Also, the costs are balanced according to your affordability and so, choosing him for your dental health is highly advisable.