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Root canal treatment

A root canal is not a treatment, but it is a part of the tooth that contains the nerve tissue, blood vessels and other cells and it is also known as the pulp. The name of the procedure commonly referred to as “root canal” is actually endodontic therapy which means inside the tooth. Root canal therapy is a dental treatment for removing infection from inside a tooth often done under local anaesthesia. it can also protect the tooth from further infection.

It is done in 3 steps..

1) Under local anaesthesia,the dentist removes every infected tissue from the root canal.The dentist makes a small access hole on the surface of the tooth and removes the diseased and dead pulp tissue with specialised instruments.

2) Filling the root canal : After proper cleaning of the root canal using dental files and irrigation solutions,the canal is filled with an inert rubberised material called gutta-percha.

3) Placing a crown : After the root canal treatment,the tooth will be weak and fragile .to make the tooth strong and supportive a crown is placed to cover the tooth.Crowns function like the natural tooth and improves your smile and function.

Benefits of RCT:
  • Efficient and cost effective
  • can avoid Tooth extractions
  • With RCT you can still have your own natural tooth
    Root Canal treatments are done in one or two sittings