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Only tooth coloured restorations

Tooth colour restoration is a process in which fillings of composite resins are used to treat or restore a damaged tooth. It is a procedure which is implied by the dentists to restore the tooth function, morphology, and integrity of the missing structure of the tooth that results in severe damages further more.

It works wonder when a patient suffers from teeth cavity issues; the portion of the tooth which is decayed is removed by the dentists and thereby in the place of the removed portion, the restorative resin is placed. Other than healing the cavities through the teeth colour restoration process, the likes of treating broken, worn down or cracked tooth issues are also subjected to healing through this procedure.

Reasons why tooth coloured reasons are preferred by dentists and patients for treating a bad tooth condition
  • It has versatility- apart from the treatment of decayed and damaged teeth, the tooth colour restorations are used for various other types of dental treatments and that’s what makes it more versatile than the other treatment options.
  • It possesses aesthetic values- it is evident that the shade and colour of the composite restoration match almost similar to that of the natural teeth. This is the reason why it has high aesthetic values and is used for the teeth structures which are more visible.
  • Bonding- the chemical bonding that the composite teeth restoration provides to the normal tooth structure, makes it a perfect choice for the treatment of the dental issues.
  • Preparation- the preparation of the tooth colour restorations are such that they can only be confined to the affected area and the removal is done in a way that the nearby portions are not affected. That way, only a minimal portion of the damaged teeth is removed and the restoration is completed without any such complications.

The procedure

The dentists check for decay and damages to be sure of the condition of the affected area. Therefore, the cavities are cleaned or prepared and the tooth colour restoration is applied in layers. After the completion of the layering process, the shaping of the composite material is carried out to ensure a proper shape of the dental fixture and polished

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