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Gap closing

How does it feel when you have gaps between your teeth? It feels awkward and embarrassing; isn’t it? The beauty of the face is shunned by the gaps between teeth and a larger number of people today are keen on undergoing treatments of gap closing of their dental structure. This condition of possessing gaps between our teeth is known as diastema in dentistry terms that can occur anywhere in the dental structure.

However, the most visible gaps are those that occur in the front teeth of either the upper or lower rows. And it is not that only people of a certain age group face this issue, diastema can occur in people of all ages, be it children or aged persons! Actually, in children, it is a more common phenomenon when they lose their milk teeth and the permanent teeth come out. But with time, a majority of the gaps are filled natural while some of them suffer the condition of diastema at their adolescence also.

Important Factors that causes diastema
  • When a person develops diastema, it may be because he or she has bigger jaw bone size as compared to the teeth size. And to fill the jawbones, the teeth grow in a way that they leave some gaps in between them.
  • The other condition of the growth of diastema in people is that when an ‘outgrowth’ develops from the upper front teeth row and the tissues that border the gum line. It implicates gaps between the teeth due to the wider outgrowth.
  • Also, excessive sucking of the thumb at childhood may also give rise to the gapping in between teeth at a young age. Apart from it, the condition of “improper swallowing reflexes”, any type of typical gum disease any other dental condition may also give rise to diastema in individuals.
And the treatments include

There are many forms of treatments available to get rid of the condition of diastema. The dentists choose the mode of treatments according to the severity of the condition of the patients who have gaps between their teeth.

In most case, they use braces, Invisalign, dental veneers, dental bonding, and dental crowns to treat the condition of diastema in a patient. All these options are non-surgical methods of fixing the gaps in between teeth but in severe cases where the patients suffer from gum diseases, they might have to opt for surgeries to get the condition fixed without making the condition worse.

At Dr.Balu Soman’s dental world you are promised to get the best treatment for diastema at a price that suits your budgets. The treatment is carried out under the expert guidance of the experienced dentists who ensures you a speedy recovery and a permanent relief from diastema.