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Clear Aligners

Your teeth speak volume about your entire facial structure and so, maintaining a better oral health is always recommended for us all in bettering our external beauty. When you have nonaligned or deformed teeth structure, it obviously looks bad plus the feeling of discomfort also prevails within the person who suffers from such issues.

Though there are many forms of dental treatments which can be used for correcting the teeth structure, like braces, surgical processes, etc. there is one such procedure which is also quite popular amongst the dental fraternity and that is the use of clear aligners for the same purpose. The clear aligners are better known as orthodontic devices used for the correction of deformed teeth.

They are the plastic forms of the dental braces which are transparent too! Though the function of clear aligners is almost same like that of braces, the only difference between the two is that they use gradual force to correct the teeth structure without the presence of metal wires or any kinds of brackets.

Materials and functioning

As mentioned earlier, the Clear aligners are made of high quality acrylic materials and which is fabricated in a way that it fits the mouth of the individuals wearing it. When the aligners are imposed in more than one tooth then it is done in a way that it automatically subjects the teeth to increments until the required movement is met.

They have to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day to show its full effectiveness. And each aligner must be changed after three weeks of usage after which the effectiveness eventually lowers down. The possibility of getting better results within this period of time depends majorly on the dental condition of the patient. If it is too severe then the treatment may take time but in less serious conditions it starts showing its effects within the first phase of treatments itself

Advantages of clear aligners

  • These are easily removable aligners when compared to other traditional braces. And thus, it is very easy to clean your mouth and floss it after every meal or whenever you want to.
  • The oral hygiene is very effective to maintain oral health and with traditional braces, maintaining oral hygiene is indeed a bigger issue. But with the clear aligners, the cleaning of the teeth becomes easier and thereby the oral hygiene is well maintained.
  • In most cases, the patient wearing traditional heavy braces are seen to get irritated by the discomfort of the gums or cheeks that the braces cause. But with lightweight aligners, such issue never bother you!
  • They are cost effective as compared to other braces
And, to conclude

So, when you suffer from dental problems which need braces treatment, consult your dentists about implementing clear aligners. At Dr.Balu Soman’s dental world you get the best advice and the best treatments for all kinds of problems related to your dental structure; even the use of the clear aligners too! Consult him for better results.