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CAD-CAM Complete dentures in one day

The world is progressing in digital modifications and in the past few years, we have seen a huge development in the world of medicine as well. The high-end digital techniques in treating patients and healing their diseases are something really appreciable these days and it keeps developing more with each passing day.

Therefore, the use of technical means in the world of dentistry has also been immense in the past years. And one of those technologies is the cad-cam technology of correcting dental structures through the means of digital help. The process involved in the implementation of cad-cam technology ensure that patients with abnormal dental structures get a smooth dental structure.

Dentists, these days use this groundbreaking technical means to detect and correct the dental diseases at a supreme level.

How the cad-cam technology functions?

Well, it is deliberately a system where digital technology in a dental lab is used to scan the edentulous arch of a patient prominently. The scanner captures the entire dental structure and thereon it is digitally corrected through 3D technique by the dental experts. The correction and restorative design of the teeth is then carried out on the monitor screens using the cad-cam technology and then a prosthesis is generated which is more accurate than the ones done manually.

The complete set is then used to restore and restructure the original dental structure of the patients to provide them with better treatments. It is mainly recommended in cases where getting apt knowledge of the dental structure becomes difficult or the dentists due to abnormal dental conditions of the patients; in such cases, the treatment also becomes difficult as they don’t get the accurate knowledge of the issue concerned for the treatment. Hence, a proper cad-cam implementation in treating your dental system is always advisable for getting better results.

The precision

After undergoing various steps in fixing the denture through cad-cam technology, it is then sent to the clinical labs for final testing and thereafter sent to the dentists for further approval. Once approved, it can be used for treating the patients. With the help of machines and advanced digital  technology, the structure formation becomes an easy process and thereby provides the patients with the best experience. There is nothing to worry about the quality of the cad-cam technology after it goes through all these procedures.

At Dr.Balu Soman’s dental world, we are always inclined to provide the best dental treatments to our patients and so, we provide the entire set of denture fixation completed through cad-cam technology in just A DAY. You can receive the best results within a days’ time and under the guidance of efficient dental experts. Thus, when you or any of your family member is in need of urgent dental fixture, you can consult Dr.Balu Soman to get the best treatments which are digitally uplifted.