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Orthodontic Treatment

In Dr.Balu Soman’s dental world you are destined to receive all kinds of conventional orthodontic treatments that your dental system requires. The conventional orthodontic treatments involve correcting dental irregularities like protruded or proclined teeth ,jaw disorder , crowded teeth and spacing in between teeth.                                                                                                Orthodontic treaments or Braces   is mainly used to reposition teeth that move out of their original place or to fix the structure of the teeth. The braces are mainly made of standard metal along with wire that allows repositioning of the protruding and crooked teeth structure. Treatment takes 12- 24 months of time depending on the severity .

The causes of malocclusion are

  • Disparity between tooth size and jaw size
  • Misaligned jawline
  • Habits like thumb sucking, mouth breathing, Tongue thrusting etc


What are the advantages of conventional orthodontic treatments?

Well, of course, it heals the damages and reforms the teeth structure but the benefits of undergoing orthodontic treatments are many. Like it beautifies your teeth structure when you put on braces. The labeling of the crooked or protruded teeth and the correction of the misalignments of the teeth actually proves to be very useful in bringing back confidence to the patients suffering from such disorders.

But, the only condition in orthodontic treatments is that you have to take early measures to deal with the deformities; it is more effective in children as their gums are softer than the adults.  So, treating the abnormal teeth growth conditions at a small age is well advised by the dentists. But it is not like adults can’t be treated with these procedures, but the improvements in their dental structure take time to show its effects as compared to the children undergoing orthodontic treatments.

The other types of orthodontic treatments

The above-mentioned treatments are considered to be the major kinds of orthodontics but apart from those, there are some other types of treatments which have extensive use in the dental world. They are:

  • Aligners– these are used mainly to bring back the teeth structure into an aligning one when it’s protruded or moves out of place. braces but they are transparent in appearance and worn for two weeks and needs to be changed after that period.
  • Teeth Space maintainers (customized) – this procedure is used to implicate the missing teeth space with a support so that it helps the surrounding teeth to grow smooth and fine. It is mainly carried out n children who have missing teeth or gaps in between teeth.