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Minor Surgical Procedures

Our oral health needs proper care and maintenance of the gums, enamel, teeth and the entire mouth to keep it in a disease-free condition. Our daily intake of unhealthy foods, sweets, unhygienic cleaning processes and other such stuff which leads to the decay or damage of the dental systems is something that we should work upon.

Maintaining good dental functioning actually contributes to our overall health as well. But with growing times and without proper care, we tend to make our teeth and gums prone to severe damages that can’t be healed through non-surgical or medical treatment. That is when the surgical treatments are to be carried out to fix the denture and bring back the reason to smile. When the conditions worsen we need the major surgeries but when the damage is not on a very large scale then minor surgeries can work.

So, let us get introduced to some of the minor dental surgical procedures here in this article today.
  • Wisdom teeth or damaged teeth removal– although the wisdom teeth are a part of our dental structure sometimes the 3rd molars leave us with immense pain in the gums and leads to swelling or infections too. That is why people prefer removing it sometimes. Also, in case you have suffered breaking of teeth in an accident or developed infection in the teeth, you may opt for complete removal of the teeth to prevent any further damage and to relieve you of the pain.
  • Dental implants– the dental implants are done to fill the spaces between gums and enamels or to put artificial teeth in place of the original ones that are removed. This kind of surgery is mostly carried out in aged people but it doesn’t mean the younger ones don’t need it. As it is normal to have healthy teeth in the young age, people assume that dental implants are not necessary for them; but it is required whenever you go through teeth removal procedure, irrespective of your age.
  • Tissue regeneration/bone grafting– the tissue regeneration or bone grafting is done when you have affected gums which are not cured by medicinal implementations. The tissue or bone of your own mouth surface is taken to graft it to the affected area and  made to grow. It helps in tissue or bone growth which leads to smoothing the damaged gums.
  • Bone surgery– nothing sort of a big surgery, this dental bone surgery is done to smooth the craters presents on the dental ones and also to prevent the growth of bacteria in the hollow sutures. It is also done to prevent further bone loss of the teeth which may lead to severe damages further.

Dr.Balu Soman’s dental world possess expertise in all the above surgical procedures of the teeth which is carried out with utmost care and sincerity by professionals. You must consult the dentist here, whenever you face any difficulty with you dental system, for getting better guidance in further treatments procedures.